Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 Goals Checked Off

Every once and a while Sweetheart makes a list with me. My lists are LONG - super long that there is no way one person can accomplish it.

Here are some things he has accomplished this year.
  • Real Grass
  • New Play Structure
  • Rock around trees
  • Haul the wood away
  • Spray paint compost buckets
  • 1 more lantana plant
  • Get rid of broken bikes
  • Buy a bike rack for the car and a reciever
  • Buy a scanner/copier/fax
  • A desk
  • A brush
  • Get more chickens (they are laying now)
  • Buy toe clips for the bike
  • New pair of jeans (not thrift store but new)
  • Wreath for the front door
  • Silicon mats for cookie sheets
I helped with some. He did most. Just wanted to note it some where before I threw the list away.....


Cyndy said...

YAY!!! they're laying now!

Kris said...

There is nothing as exciting as a good list!

Sometimes I make lists of things that I've already done- just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing things off. Sigh...what fun!

Mariel said...

Wendy, just wanted to let you know that I'm re-featuring your post tomorrow, Making Banana Muffins in Bulk. Since you've shared that on my site, it has been my number one most pinned post! Guess how many....guess...okay, 44,000 pins! Way to go, girl!! Um, obviously if you ever want to share another one of your great ideas, I would never turn you down. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mariel @ Or so she says...