Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Simple and Sweet-> Oh What Do You Do......

Oh what do you do in Arizona when the sun in blazing HOT?

Do you stick out your tongue to lick the cookies gone?
Do you lay on a towel in the shade to take a nap?
Do you grow a beard because you can and don't have to go to work?
Do you get the sunscreen flushed out of your eyes and smile for the camera so you don't cry?
Do you smile REALLY big because all the hard planning is done and shout hurray for the games have begun?
Do you use a hatchet on a watermelon because you forgot the knife to cut it?

Do you tell grand stories to your grandchildren about the times you had when you were young?
Do you love on your baby whose not so small because he will come and sit on your lap?
Do you talk with your sister (or brother)?
Do you lay in the surf to ride in on the waves?
Do you smile with the sun behind you making you look like a movie star?
Do you smile like you are on top of the world for making it to the shore after wading away?
Do you hold and love the one who is close?



Cyndy said...

Love the "hatchet!"

Sue said...

All of the above, I'd say!