Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple and Sweet: Kindergarten

First things first about life - that happened after vacation. Where we live the school district is on a modified year round school calendar. In planning terms it means we have 7 weeks summer, 3 weeks fall break, 2 weeks winter break, and 2 weeks spring break. Then wash, rinse, and repeat.

And with that explaination.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!
My oldest born started KINDERGARTEN!!! 
We live close enough to walk and do. On the first day, we got to the school play ground and Underfoot waved his hand and said, "Goodbye Mom." He ran off to play. The bell rang. He went to find his classroom instead of lining up. (I helped him get to the right line.) Then off he went and never looked back.  I didn't cry nor did he. But Hurricane is lonely without him. Underfoot accused me at supper time of not saying goodbye. I told him he was the one who ran off which he replied oh and grinned.
After school, we went to Dairy Queen to CELEBRATE and talk about the day. While seated there a bird flew indoors from outside. The bird flew into one window then other and made one more attempt. In the last attempt the bird flew at us, hit the window, and plopped nearly in my friend's purse. I was trapped in the corner with the bird between me and the exit. The DQ employee scooped the bird into a garbage can and released it to the wild.

We left DQ with big grins and took Daddy ice cream sandwichs to work because Underfoot had a special day and thought he should share it with Daddy. His coworkers were grateful for the first day of school too.


Jen said...

That is very sweet, I am glad he likes kindergarten. Hurricane should come over to play sometime because my little guy feels left out and upset that he is not in Kindergarten too.

Kris said...

Well, I've also got a 3 year old that is feeling left behind by the big bro. Such is life, I guess, until they get their own life! :)

I'm glad Underfoot was so excited to go to school & is so positive about it. Hope his year is great!!

Cyndy said...

A similar story going on here! Enjoy those moments you get with Hurricane!

Toni said...

I can't believe he's already in school! What a sweet memory!

Sue said...

Definitely a red letter day!