Monday, July 23, 2012

Hide 'N Seek

I was told that one of my favorite stores was closing and had clothing for 60% off. I convinced my friend to come with me so we could "school clothes" shop. The boys and Sweetheart did benefit from the shopping as did I.

Yet while we were there the children got restless. The following are places we found them.

The one in cowboy boots is mine. The other two are his friends.
She is on the other end of a pair of a pair of shoes. I'm not sure which shoes but some shoes.
With his darling smile, he was doing his best to be good to get the Thomas shirt he wanted so much. He got it for like $3.25.
I found the rest of them before the seeker found them. They decided to hide in the same place.


Kris said...

Ha! Your kids are as bad at Hide & Seek as mine!!

Cyndy said...