Sunday, March 25, 2012

Snapshot: March 25

 Packing the dirt into the shells in preparation for the seeds.
 Planting seeds in eggshells.
 Watering with a squirt gun. Gardening indoors needs to have an added element of fun.
I took this outside. Hurricane took the above mentioned "watering" gun and  sprayed soaked the front window watching for Daddy to come home. He laughed and laughed when I took the pictures.
My college roommate's children with my children. We've come a long way's from Ricks.
Three of 4 of us in a mall. I made a funny face in all the pictures. It was first time we'd been together since my wedding day.

Come listen to living prophets
This coming weekend we are going to listen to a prophet. We invite you to join us.


Rachel said...

Wendy, I am going to steal your egg carton idea for scouts. I need an opening activity around the theme faith. What seeds did you plant?

ASmith said...

Oh! It's the girls! You are all beautiful mommy's! How fun to have your kids be able to play together. Apparently the Lord needs some future "righteous priesthood holders." Can't think of better people to send them to. :) Love ya Wend.

Sue said...

So much fun to get together with old friends!