Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remembering: Thompson Submachine Gun

My Grandpa served in the Navy during WWII. He went with his sons and a few of his grandsons to see the ship he served on from age 18-20. The picture below is him as a Grandpa and one as a sailor. The hair color is the same.
For his viewing, either my Dad or Brother made arrangements for the same gun to be next to the picture displayed of him. As different people would come through they were asked to heft and hold the gun. The gun weights around 10 pounds without a full clip.The truck is a Diamond T 1950 model 222 (link gives history on this actual truck for the restoration). The brakes were the last thing to be done. It is a beautiful truck.
I don't get in many pictures with my Sweetheart. When we take pictures we want to make a memory. :)
Someone said to me that you expect your Grandparents to die. I didn't. I still will have moments that I think I should call my Grandma for this recipe or to talk to my other Grandma who listened to me with complete love and kindness. I am thankful for the resurrection and the power that it gives me. I believe that I will be with my family again and continue to enjoy the same association that I had with them during mortal life.

I have been looking forward to Easter this year. I hope I can teach it well and to learn the lessons that I need to in the coming Easter season of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for all our families.

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Sue said...

He looks like a movie star in that picture. What a guy!

You two, on the other hand, look like very well disguised terrorists.