Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snapshot: First Part of February

 Hurricane decided to change his pants after church. He didn't want to change the top or the shoes. He sported this stylish outfit for the day.
 Underfoot wanted some fashion sense of his own and wore Hurricane's vest from his church suit. Underfoot donned this outfit for about 3 days. He would change the shirt underneath and return the vest.
 The boys played in a homemade fort. They organized their toys. This is a picture of them after the sorting and positioning. They were proud of themselves.
 Here is a view of the fort.
 Hurricane put himself to bed. He wouldn't go to bed without the "Happy Birthday" balloon. He held it the whole time he slept. Here is a picture of the birthday girl.
The boys wanted to sleep in sleeping bags....for a week. They would drag them from room to room. They slept in a different place each night.

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Sue said...

What a great fort!

Cute boys, too...