Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snapshot: End of February (kind of...)

I never know if I should explain the picture above the actual picture or below. This week it is above.

A Hoggan tradition is to salute when you leave. I love the salute and look forward to it. The salute also helps me not to cry expect when I got married and moved across the country. This is my darling Dad.
Hurricane is showing his best strong man pose. The day before his Uncle S. asked him if he would make a strong face. I wanted to see if I could duplicate it.
Underfoot danced about when I asked to take his picture. He smiled with his enthusiasm. He is a happy boy!
This is the following picture. I guess I could label it "too much time in the car," yet he was just making happy faces.
Hurricane showed his more quiet nature. I really liked the red rocks behind him and wanted to do something while we were waiting at the rest stop.
Underfoot took this picture. He saw me here all day Monday.
He then took one of his Dad. We dropped Dad off at work before we went home.

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Sue said...

Great photos. I love your cute dad saluting.