Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wheat Consequences

Sweetheart and I took a few minutes to ourselves on Saturday. Underfoot came to use the restroom and said that Hurricane had gotten a lot of food out. We walked around the corner and found this small pile of wheat. We looked down into the kitchen and found half of the 5 gallon bucket out and on the ground. He liked the feel between his fingers and toes.

Hurricane was informed he needed to clean it up (with help of course). He was not pleased. So much so he took a handful of wheat and threw it into the front room and then the entry.
He was obedient and helped clean. It gave some feed to our chickens too. He was trying to be service-minded, I'm sure.
Some wonderful lessons have come from this experience for me:
  • For the first time in a long time that Hurricane has done something outside the boundaries we have set like don't get into the food, I chuckled instead of getting frustrated and having my own tantrum. Not a belly laugh but chuckled about what he did. I chuckled at his reaction. I hugged him and helped him. So I had a glimpse into what Heavenly Father feels as a parent when I "get into the food" or do something wrong and need a hug and help to return to feeling peace again in my life.
  • Clean up like repentance takes time. And some times help from other people. Hurricane could not have clean up the wheat mess by himself. I cannot be "clean" all the mistakes I've made without Jesus Christ as my Savior. He will help me sweep up the piles of wheat so I can vacuum it up.
  • Hurricane thought it was unfair about having to clean up, but he did it. I think that my trials are not fair some times. I can do it too.
Hurricane's temporal lessons are spiritual lessons for me. Jeremiah talks about how God knew him before he came to earth and had a mission for him to perform. All lessons are spiritual and temporal. God knows us and allows us to have experiences temporally to bring us to Him spiritually and vise versa. God repeats this lesson over again in the New Testament, Book of Mormon, and through modern day experiences. Paul talks about how we are natural and spiritual in Corinthians. God is merciful to care for all his children through all different times.

How have you seen God's hand in your life in a temporally and spiritually?

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Sue said...

Great analogy, Wendy. We learn so much when we look for the stories and lessons in everyday life.

I've been so busy lately that I haven't been watching. Thanks for the reminder.