Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pioneering Today: Vision of What Can Be

Lindsay is a spunky, energetic pioneer guest. Lindsay hails from Lindsay Sue Photography and her family's private blog. Lindsay is always gracious, merry, and quick with a joke. She and her husband are expecting their first baby in a week. Last week in church someone asked if she was going to have their baby. She replied that the due date was in 2 weeks, but a baby could come late. She is much more the realist than I was with my first baby who came only 13 days after his proposed due date. I hope the best for when her daugther comes!
A modern day pioneer?  Never really thought I could have endured as the pioneers of old.  Physically they had some amazing trials.  It makes me question what a pioneer really is?  To me it's someone who has a vision of what can be and works and sacrifices all to achieve that goal.  Someone who has more faith than fear and willing to step into the unknown.  I suppose it was soon after being baptized that I even considered being a 'modern day pioneer.'

I was 18, on my way to college and the only member in my family.  Though that wouldn't last long because my sister and brother soon followed, not to mention doing baptisms for the dead (after that I truly felt there was an army in heaven of my ancestors who now were members as well).  Serving a mission in Japan was also a first for our family.  It was challenging in every way but I knew I needed it.  

For me, for my parents and for my future family.  I'd say the biggest decision (after being baptized) in my life was choosing to be married in the temple.  Satan knows how and where to pull.  Dating a non-member who wanted to marry me made things tough.  Maybe he'd change and accept the gospel someday.  But maybe he wouldn't.  I'm not a gambler, but deciding wasn't easy either.  Thank goodness for patriarchal blessings.  I already knew my answer before praying and fasting about it.  I made the decision that I'd rather be single my entire life than not be married to someone who was worthy and be married in the temple.
Lindsay and Her Sweetheart

I'm so grateful for that decision, which has brought be some of the greatest joys in my life thus far.  I'm thankful for the pioneers of old and for those men and women today who, despite all obstacles and trials, press forward in faith.  I'm thankful for good friends and family who surround me.  Those who have challenges I might not even be aware of- but they are good people doing the best they can.  Being pioneers, stepping into the unknown with hope and faith that they are on the path of happiness.


Lindsay Bryner said...

Thanks Wendy for the really nice things you said. I like being called spunky and I'm glad you think I'm energetic too:)

Sue said...

What a bold path your friend took in life. Now she (and her family) are reaping the blessings!