Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taking it Seriously

I've just finished reading To The Far Blue Mountains. The main character, Barnabas, talks about marriage. I thought it was worth sharing. The question is asked by his bride-to-be, Abigail.
"You don't think marriage is serious?"
"Of course, I do. It is the ultimate test of maturity, and many find excuses for avoiding it because they know they are not up to the challenge, or capable of carrying on a mature relationship."
Marriage inherently is a challenge with two people of a different family backgrounds and philosophies. They come together to create what is their family and who they are which takes time, commitment, energy, and maturity.


Sue said...

It's true. Marriage takes a lot of giving and accepting and respecting to flourish.

Thankfully, the returns are well worth the effort! I'll have to check out this book.


The Best's said...

I love that! So true!