Monday, June 13, 2011

Cold Sore

I had some body work done through physical therapy. I didn't think the tail bone adjustment was such a big deal until a cold sore announced it's presence. (I'll spare you the picture of the actual cold sore. They are nasty.) Usually stress and body pain are an open invitation for a cold sore, or I get a real good hard nasty bonk in the lips. (like seeing stars kind of bonk)

As my cold sore heals, I feel very embarrassed and believe that everyone is staring at my lip. (My piano student actually did this last time.You've got to love a child's honesty and innocence.) I medicate it. I ignore it. I pick at the scab when it gets too gross. I do so much more laundry because I don't want those germs on anything. I don't want to share the virus so there are no kisses from anyone - Sweetheart or boys. I feel very lonely.

I've thought about what parallels cold sores have to the soul. My thinking has been surrounded by choices made and the consequences for all choices. Some choices bring immediate happiness that is long lasting without a negative impact. Other times the choice made harbor a secret that cause ache, worry, and pain. Similar to a cold sore, the consequences are not immediate or even shown to others. Yet over time the constant wear shows through with behavior and some times even a physical appearance. The miracle of change and repentance make the ache, worry, and pain go away but not the memory of what occurred. The memory is always there to know that I don't want to go back.

This may be a simple comparison and not completely thought through but current and real to me. I believe that I have worry that causes me to live below happiness. The effects are in me, my family, and our home. Change is necessary. Especially with me.

Change is constant. Happiness may be constant within change by choice.

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Sue said...

Cold sores are no fun. My daughter gets them and really suffers. I know she hates having people stare at them, too.

We all need to make some changes now and then. Good luck with yours!