Friday, January 30, 2009

The Way to Clean Windows

Dear Readers: I received an email from Betty Kyle asking for a non-streaking FORMULA FOR CLEANING WINDOWS. She said nothing has cleaned them properly.

Well, Betty, I have just the thing for you! Try mixing 1 cup plain household ammonia or 1 cup cheap vinegar with half-bucket (about 1 gallon) of hot water. Using a clean sponge, go over the window a couple of times and then wipe clean with crumpled newspaper. This should do the trick.

You can also use full-strength vinegar (9 percent is great) on outside windows that have hard water spots from the sprinkler system. Just spray the window with the vinegar, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub with a nylon net scrubby or brush. Rinse with water, then dry with newspaper. This works on light deposits. If the water marks are heavy or old, you might need to treat the windows several times.

Remember, don't clean windows if the sun is shining right on them. Cleaning solutions will dry too fast, and you won't be able to get the windows clean and streak-free.

Another helper: When you clean the windows, wipe horizontally on the inside and vertically on the outside. It is easy to tell where the streak is.

Vinegar can be used allover the house for so many cleaning problems. Using newspaper to dry is not only a great money-saving and recycling hint, but it also doesn't leave the lint behind that paper towels sometimes do.
From Heloise's column

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