Friday, January 30, 2009

Freezing Facts

Shortcuts For The Cook By McCall's Equipment Editors

  • Use double sheets of waxed paper, saran wrap, aluminum foil to separate layers of meat for the freezer.
  • Frozen angel-food cake may be cut into neat pieces to use in a dessert. Cut the cake into squares, cubes, or finger lengths with a saw-toothed knife.. then allow about 15 minutes for cake to thaw before using.
  • Store a generous reserve supply of ice cubes in the freezer. Empty ice cubes into a plastic bag. They won't stick together.
  • Easy way to fix hamburger patties for the freezer: Mold on a cookie sheet; then freeze. When patties are hard as a rock, drop them into a plastic bag; secure tightly with a rubber band. Return to freezer. Takeout one or a dozen.
  • Grind frozen cranberries for relish. The juice will not squirt as it does with fresh berries.
  • A French-fryer pan is fine for blanching vegetables, before freezing. Half fill with water; Heat to boiling. Immerse fryer basket filled with vegetables.

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